Museum of Monsters, Myths and Legends

Xanthar of the Museum has prepared to open up his Museum of Mythology. Xanthar, whose character was born in 1982 for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons went on to continue this name for the Eltanin DikuMUD. After the online gaming boom, Xanthar moved onto the UO Atlantic Shard under the character name of Xanthar of the Museum and began the largest online virtual museum in history. This Museum lasted for years on the Atlantic Ultima Online shard. Now, the Museum has taken its final form. A real life museum based on the Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek & Viking Mythologies. Come visit us and see what Xanthar of the Ultima Online Atlantic Shard is upto now! It's a dream come true and a family attraction that you do not want to miss!

In addition, Xanthar runs an annual Halloween Show at the Showboat Convention Center on the Atlantic City Boardwalk! Halfway to Halloween in May of each year! For dates, times, and events, please visit us at: